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guest patricia gaddard is back. as everyone is about to hear the results of the lie detector test. lisa is 33, she is actually afraid that her much younger boyfriend is cheating with her 16-year-old daughter. >> i found naked pictures. >> her daughter does not want to be seen on camera, but she is going to open up to trisha goddard. is her boyfriend having sex with her teenager daughter. >>> it is the case of the mysterious pants. >> i don't wear panties. >> okay. she wants the result of a lie detector test. they're engaged to be married. but what will they be after the results come out? >>> plus, ingrid thinks her husband has no reason to cheat on her. but when the truth is revealed? is there any way trisha goddard can help this wife? everyone, this is ingrid, welcome ingrid to the show. [ applause ] >> now ingrid says the day she married her husband, john, is the day that john picked up some strange new habits. john, all of a sudden, went to sleep fully dressed, even wore his shoes. and instead of sleeping next to ingrid, he now sleeps next to four secret cell phones that he won't let
give her some of her old stripper shoes. steve: some of her old--old shoes. [jacksons cheer] hey, lisa, how you doing? >> i'm great, steve. steve: good. what do you do? >> i'm a nurse. i've been a nurse for 23 years. steve: that's good. you must be a kind person. most nurses are really nice. >> very. steve: ok, let's go. name something an old stripper might give to a young stripper. >> their moves. steve: give 'em some moves. [audience groans] darryl, how you doing? >> fine. how about yourself, steve? steve: yeah, look pretty good, boy. i see you. >> oh, yeah. steve: they made that in your size, huh? >> oh, yeah. [laughter] steve: took you a while to find that, didn't you? >> little bit. steve: "ok, if i find it, i'm getting one." >> no, this is the one and only now. steve: no, we'll get it made. that one me and jay gonna wear. [laughter] you don't know me. i'll tell you right now, boy. all right, darryl, let's go, man. name something an old stripper might give to a young stripper. >> some of her old thongs. steve: some-- >> oh. >> good answer. steve: some of her old thongs. [cheers an
's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> my, carolyn. taking a look at the radar, around the bay area we are dry but up to the north and west of us is a weak system that will be sliding south throughout the day today. that could bring a few sprinkles or light raindrops around the bay. there are two systems and the first one sort of primes the atmosphere. numbers starting out in the mid-50s to lower 60s. throughout the average we will be mostly cloudy and the numbers cooler ranging mainly the 60 and around the 70s, perhaps an 80 by the delta. we could see a few rain drops but the main rain is tomorrow and tomorrow evening. we will detail that for you coming up. >> we have developing news out of santa fe where a tree fell and hit a car. you are looking at a photo of the tree. a branch about 70 feet long fell on to the car. one person was injured. the extent of the injuries are unknown. the tree was blocking winchester boulevard but has since been moved out of the way. >>> two hows erupt into flames after a car slammed into a gas meter. inside the
was killed. joining us now, msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom. you've been listening to rachel testify. has she proven to be a credible witness so far, or has the admitted lie that she was not actually at the funeral and the reasons why she was not at the funeral undone her somewhat? >> she's certainly credible so far, but it's only been her direct examination. the proof will come in the cross-examination. she tells a story very different from george zimmerman's story. that's why she's on the stand. she says she's on the phone with trayvon martin in those final moments before his confrontation with george zimmerman. she said george zimmerman -- i'm sorry, that trayvon martin used a couple racial epithets in reference to george zimmerman. this is the first time i've ever heard that. she said trayvon martin said he was being followed, that he was concerned about it. she heard the phone dropping. she heard the sound of wet grass. the last thing she heard from trayvon martin was, get off, get off. >> lisa, besides the racial epithet revelation, what else was new in her testimony about that altercat
's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa arjen. >> right now we are looking at some returns over the north bay, but nothing falling yet. here is the first little rain maker that's going to spread across the bay area. we should see rain in the next hour or so. right now sea ranch looking at the bulk of maybe some drizzle, but we're going to see these amounts increase in the north bay. a wide range of amounts, because much of the south bay and east bay will stay dry, but we're talking about several days of rain. that's just the first impulse. we have a second one slotted to come in midday tomorrow and the heaviest rain looks to be later on tomorrow so mid to upper 60s today. in the east bay look for cloudy skies, some mist and drizzle on the coast. we'll pinpoint when the rain is coming in and how much in a few minutes. >>> breaking news out of san jose where one person has been injured following a house fire. it began around 3:45 this morning at a home on south garden court. authorities say the home was completely engulfed in flames when firefighte
their talents to solve our nation's problems and build on our opportunities. >> lisa graves: i was stunned at the notion that politicians and corporate representatives, corporate lobbyists, were actually voting behind closed doors on these changes to the law before they were introduced in statehouses across the country. >> john boehner: alec has been, i think, a wonderful organization. not only does it bring like-minded legislators together, but the private sector engagement in partnership in alec is really what i think makes it the organization that it is. >> bob edgar: corporate influence is tainting the legislative process, particularly out across the states. and average americans are paying the price. >> bill moyers: the american legislative exchange council -- alec. it's headquartered in arlington, virginia. but it operates in every capital in the country. and its efforts produce some hundreds of new state laws each year. >> john nichols: well, i cover politics for a living. so, i've known about alec for a long time. i was always conscious of alec, but to be honest, not that excited a
: all right, we asked courtney, are you with lisa because she takes care of you? you said no, the lie detector test determined that was a lie. >> oh, my gosh. >> maury: we asked you are you having sexual intercourse with any of the women who were calling your phone, you said no, the lie detector test determined that was a lie. >> why, baby, why? >> maury: we asked you other than the time you admitted to did you have sexual intercourse with another woman, the lie detector test determined that was a lie. two women. >> god. >> maury: we asked you, courtney, have you seriously hit on lisa's daughter, laree, you said no. the lie detector test determined you're telling the truth. >> yeah, okay. good, you didn't hit on her, that is good. >> maury: we asked you when laree walked into the bathroom when you were in the shower, was it because you had been having a consensual sexual relationship with her, you said no, the lie detector test determined you were telling the truth. we asked you if you had been having a consensual type of sexual contact with lisa's daughter, laree, you said no, the li
our way for a couple days next week. details coming up. katie. >> lisa, next. thank you. we have developing news in san francisco where a mini van with a body inside is still submerged into the bay. the van went into the water yesterday evening at the marina green but it was too dangerous for crews to remove it. what happens now? >> what happens now is once the sun comes up, they will return here to the marina green and try to figure out how to get the van out of the water. we have video from sky 7hd right after the van went into the bay about 5:00 yesterday evening. it careened through marina green before going into the water. six members of a boating team at the golden gate yacht club raced to try to rescue anyone who may have been trapped inside but they were unsuccessful. >> it was going down at the nose. the roof was submerges. before we got to it three of the guys were in the water with tools trying to smash the window but they couldn't get the window to break completely. >> after about two and a half hours crews from the san francisco fire department found the van in about
>> good at day morning. i'm katie. here's a first look at the weather with lisa. >> good morning. here's a look from the recommend iville camera. you notice things are look very summer-like and still with numbers in the 50s. if it was really summer in the bay area you know we would have a lot of fog. 50 half moon bay. 56 mountain view and we are looking at temperatures this morning in most areas a little warmer than yesterday. except for oakland and half moon bay. a little bit cooler, but this afternoon we are talking about temperatures above average with 60s and plenty of sunshine at our coast. we are talking about numbers allowing for a big warmup in our inland east bay and we will talk about the details on when the rain arrives in a few minutes. katie. >> thank you, lisa. developing news in san francisco where a men any van with a body inside is still submerged in the bay. the van went into the water yesterday afternoon at the marina green but it was too dangerous for crews to retrieve it. kira is there live. the sun is up, what's going to happen this morning? >> the fire depa
at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning. see the fog behind you around the bay bridge. it is low so we have the overcast at the golden gate as well. plenty of clouds around the bay area but certainly your eye goes to this batch of moisture. unusual but, yes, it is headed our way. it's the first in a series of unusually strong and wet weather systems that will spread rain around the bay. right now look tech cloudy skies in the forecast in the afternoon does call for the chance of rain not only in the north bay but across the bay. the best chance will be in the north bay. clouds will dominate the sky with mid-and upper 60s around the bay. along the coast fog and mist. upper 6 upper 60s. numbers of coming down. the main activity coming in tomorrow. but lasting through tuesday. we will detail that coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. we have developing news out of san jose where a tree fell and hit a car. you are looking at a photo of the tree. authorities say a branch about 70 feet long fell on to a car just before midnight last night near winches
's been a brief recess. i'm joined by our legal expert, lisa bloom. lisa, what's your reaction to what you've been hearing? >> well, let me explain first what's going on. attorneys are not allowed to make speaking ukz an objections which means we're only supposed to say the legal ground for the objection. not a long speech about why the evidence shouldn't come in. if attorneys have more to say, they're going to sidebar. this witness on the stand is a very important witness for the prosecution. she's a young woman who was on the phone with trayvon martin just before this altercation. she's now on cross-examination. and the defense is trying to bring out inconsistencies even lies that she has told in this case, and so far, they've gotten her to acknowledge two that she lied about not going to mar ten's wake. she said she had been in the hospital. it turns out she just did not want to go because it was emotionally upsetting for her to do that. he got her to concede she had lied about her age saying she was 16 when she was 18 in the hopes of protecting her privacy and avoiding the situation sh
analyst lisa bloom, and defense attorney ken padowitz. another long day for this witness. faith, what is your reaction to her testimony? >> no matter how many times and how many different ways don west tried to cross examine her on the fundamental issues, she held to her testimony, and she was strong about it, and she held to those points. and i think that was critical, because with her credibility being at issue, they do not want george zimmerman to have to take the witness stand. that's why they took their time and this cross went way too long, in my opinion, and was too disjointed, too repetitive. but he tried to focus in on those key issues. he kept going back to them. but she kept repeating the testimony that she believed that she found to be true which was that trayvon was followed. that was her belief, and that's what she stuck to. >> karen, what use your impression today? how did it go at least for now with this witness? >> this star witness for the prosecution, rachel, a fascinating witness. you cannot stop watching her testimony. you either love her or you hate her, but you
faith jenkins and lisa bloom joining me on set. lisa let me start with you, what are we watching here as the dialogue goes back and forth with the redirect here from de la rionda? >> it is extraordinary. john good was a prosecution witness, scored big points for the defense on cross-examination. now we're on redirect, watching the prosecutor essentially cross-examining his own witness trying to minimize the effect of his testimony. >> real quickly, faith, the prosecution wanted to bring this witness forward, so as not to make him look as if he were a viable good defense witness. >> right, they wanted to sort of beat the defense to the punch. they knew john good existed, knew what his testimony would be so they put him on the witness stand so the defense couldn't come back and say they were trying to hide his testimony because it wasn't good for them. >> let's go back in and listen to the redirect. >> correct. >> okay, did you mean to imply there was blows inflected like they do on mma? >> correct. >> but did you actually see those blows going -- >> i only saw downward movement. >> you
are? >> yes, sir. >> if i may have a moment, your honor. >> yes, you may. >>> lisa, we're now in the redirect here. they're taking a moment. let's focus in on the last 8:00 or so. what's the objective of the state? >> the defense made some in roads telling about how her interview changed with the interview, at her deposition and at the trial. what the prosecutors are doing saying she was asked different questions at different times by different individuals. >> thank you, lisa. >> what you're talking about, sir. >> that's what i'm asking you. are you saying that english is your third language? that you spoke creole and spanish first? >> i spoke three languages in my house. >> does your mother speak english? >> not that well, sir. >> does she speak english. >> not that well, sir. >> i understand she may have an accent or some limitations, but do you speak to her in english? >> sometimes, sir. >> and if you're not speaking to her in english, you're speaking to her in creole? >> yes, sir. >> and your father, do you speak to him in english? >> yes, sir. >> and when you went to scho
trayvon martin. joining me now is former prosecutor faith jenkins, msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom, and florida defense attorney ken padowitz. thank you all for being here. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> ken, you've made many opening arguments. what is your reaction to today's openings? >> well, i have to say, after 35 first degree murder trials i've handled here in the state of florida, i would describe the prosecutor's opening as simply brilliant. i thought it was a fantastic use of bringing the jury, the six women sitting there listening to this prosecutor, out of that courtroom and to the scene of the crime. he used, this prosecutor, the words of george zimmerman to do this. and it was shocking, yes, but i think it was very effective in bringing them to that crime scene, bringing them to the time period when this 17-year-old was shot and killed. and i think he did it very, very effectively. he described in great detail, using sights and sounds and smells, to bring that jury out of that courtroom, that cold, sterile environment, and to that scene of that horrific murd
, sanford police officer timothy smith was the first officer on the scene. lisa, have you seen anything today that jumped out at you, any surprises, any forward movement for either side? >> well, let me summarize what all of the witnesses have been saying today with the three cs. george zimmerman after the shooting was coherent, compliant, and calm. that helps the prosecution in one sense. it helps the defense in another sense. it helps the defense because he's compliant. when law enforcement came, he immediately identified himself as the shooter, put up his hands, identified he had a firearm, and answered all of their questions. but he was also very, very calm. according to one witness kind of strangely so. he didn't seem to be in shock and didn't look back at the body of trayvon martin even though he had just shot him. >> we just saw the police officer testifying to whether or not there was blood in the car when he was taken to the station house. so have we established how injured george zimmerman may or may not have been and what that goes to it the altercation they may or may not ha
look at the weather with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. it looks like this is the fleibs in santa cruz. the air quality will be going downhill. high in the lower 90 inmates santa cruz. the beaches to the north around the bay area will be comfortable in the 70s, poor air quality for inland east bay as the excessive heat warning gets underway through 7:00 on tuesday, that is four days of excessive heat and inland temperatures could go over hundred degrees. to near 90 and record in oakland. 77 in point reyes. 75 half moon bay, inland, not only do we have warmer than yesterday, two-four degrees warmer and this will be the case right on through tuesday, but we do have some cooling in the seven day outlook. that includes the 4th of july. >> same-sex weddings are happening in california. san francisco will resume issuing marriage licenses at 9:00 this morning and until 5:00 this evening. couples wasted no time as soon as the court gave the go ahead. they were plaintiffs in the prop 8 case were the first to get married at san francisco city hall. sergio quintana reports. >> i now declare
is lisa bloom. she's our msnbc legal analyst. what was amazing i thought over the last week was how the prosecutor and the defense were asking the judge to decide which words could be used and not used during the opening statements. given what we heard back and forth, i'm guessing you have a pretty good idea of exactly the language that both the prosecutor and defense are going to use today. >> you're right. this is not unusual in a trial. in the opening statement, attorneys are not supposed to argue their case. that remains for closing. the opening statements are supposed to just tell the jury what the evidence will show. realistically, each side wants to frap the case. so the prosecution is not allowed to use the phrase racial profiling in opening statement. they can use the word profiling, not racial profiling. but this is typical at the beginning of the case. each side wants to let the jury know exactly how to look at all the evidence as it comes in. >> lisa, it's an all women jury. did that surprise you? >> it did. it's the first all female jury at least in a high profile case
. >> that sounds good. thank you, lisa. >> same sex weddings are legal and happening in california. couples wasted no time to get hitched just as soon as the court gave the go ahead. berkeley couple kris perry and sandy stier were the first to tie the knot. >> i now declare you spouses for life! [cheers and applause] >> this is a moment kris perry, sandy stier have been waiting for. they are the first couple remarried in california since the supreme court revalidated proposition 8. they were at the san francisco city clerk's office within minutes after the ninth circuit court of appeals lifted a stay in this case. it was a surprise for everyone it. you think they would lift the orders so quickly? >> not at all. we woke up and went to work. >> the facts we can get married so quickly, it is gators. >> their son, elliot, is the ring bearer. their only son to be at the wedding because it all happened so fast. camilla harris officiated. she raised a question raised by the county clerk's office. >> i was direct in informing the clerk that the marriages are to begin immediately. >> within perry and stier
evidence in this murder trial. joining me now is former prosecutor faith jenkins, msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom, and florida defense attorney ken padowitz. thank you all for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> lisa, how does this crime scene evidence, including these photos of trayvon martin's body, affect the jury at this point in the trial? >> you know, i think it's very powerful. i've analyzed many murder cases. and yet when i saw these photos on any monitor today, i'm watching the entire trial. >> i had to gasp. i mean i know this is a case about a young man whose life was taken. i knew it was coming. but still, it's very disturbing to see the photos of a young man, 17 years old, with a bullet hole through him. it has to affect any human being. >> "i knew it was coming", you said. faith we all knew it was coming, but it got real today. this is about a real life lost, all of what goes with that. the scene of him dying, the scene of the bullet wound, and there is mothers on that jury, faith. >> and this is now not just a charge on an indictment on a pi
analyst lisa bloom, and defense attorney ken padowitz. faith, john good's testimony, what does it mean for george zimmerman's claim of self-defense and therefore justifiable homicide? >> well, this was a prosecution witness, first of all, remember. they called him first. they already knew what he was going to say. he has already been deposed. so they knew he was going to come in and be the only witness to say that he saw what he believed now to be trayvon martin on top of george zimmerman and making downward motions towards him. now, for the defense, this is huge because they are alleging self-defense. that zimmerman had to shoot trayvon. he had no other choice but to shoot him to save his life. so this supports their theory of the case. this was a very good witness for them today. >> let me go to you, ken. when you heard good's testimony, do you feel as faith said that he established that george zimmerman had no choice but to kill trayvon martin? >> this was a tremendous day for the defense. i mean, remember, they don't have to prove their client innocent. he is already presumed innoc
kingston and lisa miller. lisa, let me start with you. how do you feel about what happened today? you feel like you are under assault? >> today's announcement was a disappointment. but it didn't this seem to be any surprise. we have had everyexpectati that the administration will launch an attack like this today. we are certainly ready and poised to take on the challenge. theustry has invested over $100 billion over the last 30 years to reduce emissions by 90%. this administration if this administration isn't willing to take those kind of achievements variously, this administration is looking at a legacy of closing down an industry tha is important to aerica. melissa: is at she said fair? >> i think it's fair. it is not a surprise. it was kind of expected since thday the supreme court, about six years ago, simply set the epa could regulate co2 as a pollutant. i think lot of pple who watch the obama administration are wondering what was goi to happen. i would say this. but the real issue now, itwill be how fast they canet the exports up and running. because clearly the est market for them i
,000 and their group. mike brown representing district 10 and 11. lisa prosak, direct 10. lance hill district 10 and charlie walker district 10. >> i am blandy mack, the program director of girls 2,000. we are a hunter's point family. we have been in the community over for 13 years, and we are here to address the cut in funding for girls 2,000. we offer more than after-school programs as i heard earlier. we do year-round programming, all summer programming, and green education and life-skill building and we are extended family. more than just a program, the new name for case managers is care managers. because we take care of our girls in the community. they are not a case, they are humans, they are spirit and energy and clearly the future. we come to you today and i brought a couple of my girls with me. and what we do in girls 2,000. and in the gardens my girls showed up their skills something that every black woman. and i will introduce dejenae and why she comes to girls 2,000. >> my name is janeja, i come to 2,000 because after school i usually go home and be bored. when i go to 2000 i have fu
. lisa? >> good morning, everyone. the radar shows a lost rain and sprinkles and light rain because the atmosphere is dry but look in the north bay, most of the returns from point reyes to santa rosa, highway 101 in the east bay, shows fog, wet payment, and light rain showers through petaluma to antioch and concord. 680 is wet, too. on the san mateo coast from san francisco and south, be careful. we will see light rain showers through the morning. in the afternoon, clouds and upper 60's to lower 70's and maybe a few bits of sun but in the evening, a better chance of rain and the next round comes in which will be bringing better amounts of rain. the best chance to see rain is in the south, the peninsula and the north bay. look how much we clear on wednesday and thursday, in the 80's and 90's. sue hall is here with a look at the only commute. >> we have one accident. it is cleared. this is in daly city. it is off 280 at john daly boulevard. otherwise, winds are high over the altamont pass, and that is breezy into livermore. road work, southbound 680, 237, you can see the new h.o.v. la
to become spooked. >> reporter: this is a video of lisa being ir lifted. she and her friends had been horse back riding as they often do. >> all of a sudden the teenage mountain bikers coming by the corner and it happen td very fast. >> the horse got spooked and threw both riders to the ground. >> lisa suffered three compression fractures in her spine. the horse she sponsored was found in the revacine a day later and he's now recover from a broken nose. >> reporter: she was in shocked when we are able to bring her down to the ranch. and the teens did not stop to help. this incident has many demanding of more illegal bicycle use on county trail. >> that really does not care, they're in it for the thrill. >> lisa says it will take 6 days to a week to recover from her injuries and likely much longer before she's able to ride again. >> it is scary and it makes me afraid to ride on the trail again. >> reporter: the riders and their parents could face charges when they find out who the riders are. ktvu channel 2 news. >> gray , it is all happening outside. it is actually not that atypical. >> we
workers will strike on independence day and the day after, thursday and friday. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is explaining how this could affect visitors. lisa? >> east bay regional parks are usually packed this time of year, especially on the fourth of july. that's exactly why union park district workers are threatening to strike on the holiday and the day after. that's in their demands aren't met. >> we don't to disrupt people's holiday, but we have to take care of ourselves. >> rangers, lifeguards, restroom and garbage uh attendants promise to walk off the job unless they get an annual cost of living increase for the next four years. >> management is dismayed that the park district is looking at a looming strike by its employee union after having negotiated through mediation an 8 and a half percent raise. >> the district is warning park goers of the possible shake up on its website. they are not sure if all services will be running at 100%. the strike possibility is being met with mixed reactions from visitors. >> it would be sad if there are no lifeguards here. i will proba
. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is explaining how this could affect visitors. lisa? >> east bay regional parks are usually packed this time of year, especially on the fourth of july. that's exactly why union park district workers are threatening to strike on the holiday and the day after. that's in their demands aren't met. >> we don't to disrupt people's holiday, but we have to take care of ourselves. >> rangers, lifeguards, restroom and garbage uh attendants promise to walk off the job unless they get an annual cost of living increase for the next four years. >> management is dismayed that the park district is looking at a looming strike by its employee union after having negotiated through mediation an 8 and a half percent raise. >> the district is warning park goers of the possible shake up on its website. they are not sure if all services will be running at 100%. the strike possibility is being met with mixed reactions from visitors. >> it would be sad if there are no lifeguards here. i will probably still come whether there is a lifeguard or not. >> a lot of kids going to
. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is explaining how this could affect visitors. lisa? >> eaegional p regional parks ae usually packed this time of year, especially on the fourth of july. that's exactly why union park district workers are threatening to strike on the holiday and the day after. that's in their demands aren't met. >> we don't to disrupt people's holiday, but we have to take care of ourselves. >> rangers, lifeguards, restroom and garbage uh attendants promise to walk off the job unless they get an annual cost of living increase for the next four years. >> management is dismayed that the park district is looking at a looming strike by its employee union after having negotiated through mediation an 8 and a half percent raise. >> the district is warning park goers of the possible shake up on its website. they are not sure if all services will be running at 100%. the strike possibility is being met with mixed reactions from visitors. >> it would be sad if there are no lifeguards here. i will probably still come whether there is a lifeguard or not. >> a lot of kids going to
to lisa argen first. >> good morning to you. hi, everyone, high definition emeryville camera showing all the sunshine around the bay area. we had a few wisps of clouds and fog is around the central coast. 64 in santa rosa. 61 in livermore. you can see fairfield kicking up to the upper 60s. we are on our way to very warm afternoon especially in inland east bay and by the delta. temperatures will be in the lower 90s. notice the orange and darker reds getting closer to the east bay valleys. temperatures peak and plenty of 80s even sunshine in the 60s at our coast. you know it's coming. a big drop in temperatures but did you know it's going to be raining here in parts of the bay area tomorrow. for some, pretty much nor everybody, i'll have details for unusual look ahead coming up. >>> thank you. >> developing news in san francisco, heavy equipment and crews have arrived te marina green that to recover a minivan. the van went into the bay yesterday evening. one person was killed and the body is still in the vaccine. keira, what is happening now. >>> a private company called bethel assists san
legal analyst lisa bloom, and former florida circuit court judge alex ferrer. judge alex, is she as integral to the prosecution of this case as we have all made her out today? >> she absolutely is. she is the key witness. she was talking to him at the time of the confrontation, or right up to the confrontation. she provides a lot of detail she would love the jury to believe. she testifies the fact that trayvon martin says to zimmerman when he supposedly approaches him, why you following me? and zimmerman's response, what are you doing here? it kind of buttresses their claim that zimmerman is the one that went over to check out what trayvon martin is doing. she adds some additional language that we hadn't really heard before where she says right before the phone went dead, she hears trayvon saying get off, get off, or get off me, or words to that effect, which certainly implies that he's been jumped by george zimmerman, which goes along with the state's prosecution theory as well. >> lisa, anecdotally i can support something i've heard you repeatedly on the today show and on msnbc
prosecutor paul henderson also joining us kendall coffee a former prosecutor, lisa bloom. lisa, let me start with you. how is rachel doing as a witness? i would imagine she's been instructed to answer as little as possible, yes, sir or no, sir. >> yes. on kroengs that's exactly the way you're supposed to answer and today she's adding in sir and even mr. west in a sign of respect for the defense attorney. he's now boring in on probably the most important testimony. she said she heard trayvon martin say "get off get off." mr. west is pointing out this is inconsistent. >> is west being a bit combative anticipates few moments ago when he was pressing her on whether or not she could attest to the fact that trayvon didn't make some sort of physical motion towards zimmerman? >> i think his demeanor has been pretty patient, pretty good. but she's doing better today. and one thing i think is coming across that may be very difficult for the defense to shake. i think this witness is convincing the jury that trayvon martin was, in fact, being pursued by george zimmerman. now the separate question of whe
legal analyst lisa bloom and former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, seema ire, and from sanford, florida, kyle hightower. we're watching really riveting testimony from the last person to have spoken with trayvon martin before he was shot and killed last year in february. really fascinating testimony, seema. this young woman who was on the phone with trayvon martin from the time he left the 7-eleven all the way up to moments before he was shot by george zimmerman. we were talking while we were listening to this about her testimony and how you think it is coming across. do you think what don west is doing, essentially trying to goad her into accepting the defense's version of events, how do you think that's working for the defense? >> when miss jeantel got off the stand yesterday she was despised by twitterverse. but now mr. west is doing so much damage to his case, she's evoking so much sympathy, i believe, from the jurors, and even from us who are watching her. she's exasperated. she is exhausted. but, she is sticking to her story and the biggest concern zimmerman should
was killed. let's bring in msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom. lisa, who's john good? what is the significance of his testimony? >> this is another eyewitness. he lived in that gated community. he saw at least part of the fight between trayvon martin and george zimmerman. he's now on cross-examination describing what he saw. >> let's take a listen right now then. >> -- takes place in that type of position. >> sure, so mma, mixed martial arts? >> correct. >> you knew enough to start giving terminology to ground and pound of what you saw. >> it was the first thing on my mind. >> that the person on top was ground and pounding the person on the bottom? >> that's what it looked like, yes. >> so explain what ground and pound is in your mind. >> the person on top being able to punch the person on the bottom, but the person on the bottom also has a chance to get out or punch the person on top. it's back and forth. >> sure, and which is the dominant position? >> it would be the top position. >> because why? >> for most people that would be the dominant position. >> because you're on top of the other pe
. msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom now joins me. set the stage, lisa. >> this is a neighborhood resident, as you say, and he's just testified that right after the shooting he was the first person to talk to george zimmerman, even before the police arrived. zimmerman was very calm. did he not appear to be in shock and was a bit abrupt with him. on cross examination though he admits that zimmerman was fully cooperative with the police. >> and during the direct testimony, how difficult was that direct testimony or how difficult was the cross examination, were there any gaps if his testimony? and how do you evaluate his testimony in terms of the importance to what the jury is hearing? >> well, it's not the most significant witness in the trial, but remember, state of mind of george zimmerman is one of the big issues in this case. and so when the jury hears that george zimmerman appeared very calm immediately after the shooting, he did not appear to be in shock. he was able to answer questions. he asked this man to call his wife and let her know that he had had been involved in a shooting. i
in lisa bloom and john burrs. we're standing by as the witness leaves the stand. interestingly, lisa, i'll start off with you. we have this officer. he was one of the first responders there on the scene. they talked a lot about how dark it was in the area and that's intriguing to me based on earlier testimony that we heard where people described at least what they saw, positions of trayvon martin and george zimmerman. >> that's something we've heard from almost every single witness at the scene, that it was very, very dark. we can see that in the photos. other than the occasional porch light or light from a flashlight, it is very dark. when you add to that it was raining off and on that day, that explains why a lot of the witnesses really didn't see very much. >> you know, i want to play for both of you to respond defense attorney mark o'mara honing in on the witness' description of the positions they were in. let's play that. >> what you saw was the person on top in an mma-style straddle position, correct? >> correct. >> that was further described, was it not, as being ground and pound
to get to the legal analyst lisa bloom closely monitoring the trial with us. also with us is goldie taylor. i'm going to start with you, lisa. so we see the jury has left the courtroom and lease apparently a debate among the lawyers. tell us what's going on right now. >> the attorneys are at sidebar arguing about the admissability of george zimmerman's medical records from a visit he made to a physician's assistant the day after the trial. >> so why is that will relevant in the case? >> because george zimmerman's injuries or lack thereof are a big topic in interest this trial. the prosecution claims his injuries are not serious. he suffered a couple of cuts. that's about it. it was not a life-threatening fight or situation at the time that he shot trayvon mar pin. the defense put up photos over and over again today to show there were a couple of lacerations on the back of his head, that his nose appears to have been broken and that is it was bleeding. depending on which side you know is giving their argument, he was either pretty injured or not all that injured. >> also i remember i
prosecutor kendall coffey and msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom. good morning to both of you. lisa, let me start with you. as we heard, from mr. guy, there was some profanity there as he was quoting the defendant, but i'm also following twitter and the word that comes up most often is powerful. what did you think about his admittedly pretty shocking opening statement? >> well, i think the most important thing, other than the profanity, which does get your attention right away, is the fact that he's going through george zimmerman's statement to the police that he gave immediately after the shooting and lining it up with what he says the physical evidence will show to show inconsistencies. for example, he says that george zimmerman told the police that trayvon martin put his hands over his mouth, over his nose. if that's true, then why is there no blood on trayvon martin's hand. why is there no blood under his finger nails, no blood on the cuffs of trayvon martin's two sweat shirts. george zimmerman knows, we know at the time, was bleeding. >> kendall, let me bring you in and talk to you about wha
, dangerously hot. stay tuned. we will be back with the numbers coming up. >> lisa, thank you. also next a new pain tell pump. california is moving to the top of a list that means more money├║ >> police are investigating a four-year-old drowning last night. cpr efforts were unsuccessful. no foul play is expected. >>> a concord teacher is under arrest this morning for allegedly abusing kids at school. police began investigating the the man in aim after getting reports he touched students inappropriately. they say there could be a dozen possible victims, ranging in age from 11 to 17. he's being held at the martinez jail on almost $4 million bail. >>> starting monday californians will pay the highest gasoline tax in the nation. it will increase 3.5 cents to nearly 71 cents a gallon. additional funds will go to state highway and mass transit projects. >>> this week marks the end of the line for nextel, the cell phone provider known for their walkie-talkie button. >> that sound will soon be a piece of history. nextel was the first phone to act like a walkie-talkie, but sprint will be shutting that
behavior will be allowed in court. joining me now, msnbc legal analyst lisa bloom. first, what strikes you about this witness, the person who called 911? >> if we needed any further evidence that this case is real, it's not just something we watch on tv, there's a real 17-year-old boy who died, we hear it through the emotion of this woman who was a stranger and yet saw part of the event and she certainly saw trayvon martin's deceased remains there just outside of her house. she was distraught. she was upset. the 911 operator was almost like a therapist walking her through it. >> this 911 call, she says, i wish i could have done something for the person. from what i can see, we possibly have the person responsible so you don't have to worry. that's what they said to her. so she's giving some color, if you will, to what, at least from her vantage point, was happening. >> that's right. >> in realtime. >> what the prosecution is doing is they have little piece of a puzzle. eventually they're going to bring them all together in closing argument. there's no one witness who saw everything here wh
legal analyst lisa bloom, former prosecutor john burress, and former prosecutor marsha clog. thanks for joining me. marsha, it was a long afternoon of testimony from trayvon martin's friend. a crucial witness. how did you see it? >> i saw this as a slam dunk for the prosecution. i have to say i loved everything about this witness. i know she was a rough -- a diamond in the rough, so to speak. not the most polished witness. there were times she got testy with the defense. but what i like about her and this was something that i always appreciated in a witness is she's genuine. she's for real. there is nothing unreal and she's completely authentic. she comes across and tells you exactly what she's feeling, thinking, and what she saw and heard on that day. straight from the heart, straight from the brain. and i love that. it's the unvarnished truth. and i think to me she came across as not only very credible, but extremely relatable. we can understand why she got a little bit frustrated with the defense that repeated questions over and over again. about things that i thought were more t
in. good morning, i am eric thomas. our meteorologist, lisa, is here for mike nicco. lisa? >> we have a bit of a lull. look that is offshore: in the northbound off the sonoma coast we have light rain toward santa rosa. and we take you further to the east bay, there is mist and drizzle around 680 right now. the roadways have been slick all morning. off the coast right here we have a few light showers. here is the break this the afternoon. we have a last system here that will continue to slide south and bring more rain tonight and tomorrow. this could be a record breaker because we only receive about .16" for june, and up to 1.5" in some areas. >> cloud cover is causing major delays at sfo and not only problems in the air. kira klapper has more on how the weather is affecting the runways and the roadways. >> good morning to you. sfo is under a ground delay program all day. that means they are cutting in half the number arrivals they can take. look at the board behind me, most arrives are up to two hours delay. departures, also, will be delayed by an hour. some flights will be canceled o
a chance to say thank you. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> the pain of the tragedy has been eased by the outpouring we have seen in support of the police department and the city. >> reporter: the city of santa cruz is still in mourning four months after the murders of sergeant lauren butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. the officers were gunned down while investigating a sexual assault. >> it has been horrific. i don't have words to describe how awful it has been for us. >> reporter: it is a daily struggle to move on without these veteran officers. about 80 organizations, businesses and people have helped ease the pain. tonight the city showed its gratitude. >> i want to say thank you. i appreciate it. >> reporter: few words have described what many have done these past weeks. from tending to the enormous memorial outside the police department after the shootings to allowing law enforcement to take over a family restaurant and use it as a command center the day of the murders. joe's pizza and subs shutdown to customers and still fed officers and catered to th
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